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11 West Church Street, Williamsport, PA 17701

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,


Happy New Year, 2022 is finally here and we are happy to present offerings for the upcoming year.


Group travel is recovering slowly.  Attractions and destinations are open for business, however staffing issues continue to impact group inclusion at a number of locations.  The threat of the next wave has kept people on the sidelines.  We continue to offer opportunities to ESCAPE.  Join us as you are able!  Yes, we had several cancellations this past year, but we also had many tours that went and lots of happy people.  We appreciate your understanding when the calls came through, but this year, there will be less cancellations then last year.  We must start somewhere.  We understand, some people are more vulnerable than others and need to protect themselves.  Your safety is our highest priority.  We continue to take precautions, to monitor conditions on all aspects of the tours and remain flexible to protect our valued clients.  We hope you and your extended families have not been touched by this terrible virus, and you are in our thoughts and prayers.


What you find here are our efforts to show you, our tour family, that we are here to help you ESCAPE.  Know we are tracking everything from the latest protocols on Broadway and NYC to casinos; expectations crossing state borders and even what facilities along the routes will permit groups at their doors for comfort stops.  Know you can feel comfortable booking a tour, and if we are unable to travel, you will be the first to know.  If you just do not feel comfortable traveling yet, cancellations within our guidelines will keep you safe.  There are a variety of trip options from which to choose, so settle in with a beverage, look and make "that list" of tours you would like to take this year.  Call 570-322-5361 or 570-753-5125 with questions or to make the reservations.


Call early, once tours are posted, they are available for sale.  Expanded use of the internet, email and social media continue to assist us in getting the word out for new offerings.  As tours are added, they will be publicized via our website, email, newspaper and our facebook page.  Check frequently to stay current and follow us on facebook.  Send photos of your trips!  We love seeing the bus in them!  If you have ideas of tours you believe others would enjoy, call, email or send us a message.  We welcome suggestions for new inclusions.  As always, we value your patronage, and hope you find tours of interest.


The world is changing, life for now is a little more complicated, but travel is still the ultimate freedom.  ESCAPE - Make up for the time you could not gather with friends or family and get out to create new memories as you are able, in this great country.


Happy New Year and hope to see you soon!





Your Friendly Tour Staff!