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Dear Friends and Valued Customers,


Finally, 2021!  2020 was, I am sure, the longest year for many, at least for us. Matter of fact, when you receive this brochure, we still won’t have the volume of work we had before the pandemic. Hopefully, we can breathe a sigh of relief, throw the calendar away and move forward. On March 16, 2020, the world as we knew it, changed. From that day until August 14, we did not turn a wheel.


Our first tour to materialize since the shutdown was our annual August Ocean City tour; we were determined to travel. It went with 12 people who showed great confidence in us and our ability to care for and keep them safe. We had to show we are all resilient. We could not just sit around and wait, we had to prove we can make it work in the “new normal”. 


Since that time, we have had little more than a handful of tours travel. Few charter groups and most athletic teams are not yet able to travel. Destinations are open for business, but limited capacity has prevented group participation. The threat of a second wave has kept people from trying to ESCAPE their monotony, for just a quick respite. We get it, some people need to protect themselves, those that can get out need to be smart and protect themselves along the way.


We must look ahead; we cannot wait until the country is ready to go! We will be ready when you feel comfortable to ESCAPE.  What you find in these pages are our efforts to show you, our tour patrons we are here, and we are prepared. Know we are tracking everything from when Broadway will light their lights, to when casinos will allow groups through their doors. We also know what facilities along the routes will let you in the door for a comfort stop, limitations and expectations for traveling across state borders. Know you can feel comfortable booking a tour, and if we are unable to travel you will be among the first to know we have been told to cancel, or if you just don’t feel right to travel yet, cancellations within our guidelines will keep you safe. There are a variety of options to choose from, take a look and make a list of opportunities of destinations that excite and await you.


The world is changing, more complicated every day, but travel is still the ultimate freedom. Make up for the lost time when you could not gather with friends and family and get out to create memories while we are able in this great country. There are tours recommended by passengers and others recognized by the American Bus Association (ABA) as the Best of the Best in the US. Tours; perfect for one-day, overnight getaways, and vacations.


Call early, once tours are posted they are available for sale. Our use of the internet, email and social media continue to assist us in getting the word out about new offerings. As tours are added they will be publicized via our website, email and facebook page. Check frequently to stay current and follow us on facebook. Send photos from your trips, we love to see the bus in them!


If you have tours you would like to see, call, email or send us a message. We welcome suggestions for future destinations.


As always, we value your patronage, and hope you find tours that interest and excite you.





Your Friendly Tour Staff!