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Susquehanna Trailways Policies

General information. Please read — it may save you some questions.



Susquehanna Trailways LLC (STL) acts solely in the capacity of an agent on behalf of its tour patrons and, as such, arranges for transportation, lodging, admissions, sightseeing and other services. We are not responsible for any damage, loss, delay, injury or accident due to any act or default on the part of any company or person engaged in providing transportation, lodging, sightseeing or other service which is a part of any tour. In addition, STL cannot be responsible for acts of God, governmental actions, weather, mechanical breakdowns or other circumstances beyond its control, including passengers’ failure to conform to stipulated requirements, i.e. passports, health checks. Rates quoted on this site are based on current tariffs at time of posting and although no changes are anticipated, rates are subject to change at or before the time of final payment. STL reserves the right to withdraw or make changes to any tour without notice that may become necessary and any refunds due will not exceed the actual purchase price of said tour.


Safety Requirements/Info

The goal at STL is to ensure the safety of passengers and employees.  High standards of cleanliness are met in daily housekeeping practices.  Cleaning procedures are performed in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Additional efforts include maintaining high traffic and hard surface areas with disinfectant, utilizing a Gene-Mineral electrolyte mister/sprayer which sanitizes and disinfects throughout the bus, killing germs on contact.  Hand-sanitizing dispensers are available in the front as well as the restroom of the motorcoach.


Although MASKS are no longer required on board, passengers may feel more comfortabls wearing them when coming in fact to face contact, boarding and deboarding.


Information regarding the most current policies and procedures for travel and at destinations will be shared in boarding documents mailed approximately 10 days in advance of departure.  Some destinations require temperature checks upon arrival.  Temperatures higher than 100.4 will be denied entrance.  Self-temperature checks should be performed at home prior to departure.  If temperature is 100.4 or higher, call to cancel, stay home and contact a physician.  If denied entrance, passengers will not be permitted additional access to the motorcoach, will not be permitted to return home via the motorcoach and will be ineligible for a refund.  Efforts will be made to retrieve personal belongings left onboard.  Recommend purchasing the STOP protection plan to protect your money.



When making tour reservations, the following information is required: name of each traveler, mailing address, email, home and cell phone of contact person responsible for reservation as well as the desired pick-up location.  Overnight tours will require rooming selections and any  special accommodations requested are required at that time. It is possible for boarding information to be mailed to multiple passengers within a reservation, make the reservationist aware of who should receive. The person making the reservation assumes responsibility for payment of all passengers included in the reservation. For that reason, we suggest making reservations only for passengers you are prepared to guarantee payment.



Identification is required on specific tours and should be in the form of a current government issued Photo ID or PASSPORT. To receive casino incentives, passengers must be 21 years of age and must carry a valid Photo ID such as a Driver’s License or REAL ID. If in doubt, ask what an accepted form of identification for the specified tour. REAL ID is required for passengers boarding Domestic flights or entering Federal or Military facilities after May 3, 2023. Consult a PennDot Driver License Center for clarification and services.  Tours leaving the United States: A United States government issued PASSPORT is required to re-enter the US. Passengers who do not currently possess a PASSPORT should allow ample time to have one issued in advance of departure dates. PASSPORT numbers are required with tour reservations or within a reasonable time of making reservation.



All seats in the motorcoach recline slightly and include a picture-window view. Seats may be requested when making reservations. This is beneficial, especially for couples, families or groups. There is a greater chance of preferred seating on the motorcoach when reservations are made early. Spacing between is not always uniform and varies between motorcoaches. If upon boarding, the space between seats is inadequate, ask to be reseated. All reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate upon notification to the escort or driver.  


Special Service

How may we assist?  It is the intent of STL to comply fully with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). In order to ensure the arrangement of proper services on behalf of our passengers, we request advance notification and specific identification of the special needs no less than the date of full payment (14 days prior to departure or 30 for overnights). Upon request, a form will be sent to detail requests. Passengers suffering from hearing or vision loss may request tour information in other formats. We are not liable for the failure of suppliers of travel or other services to comply with their own requirements under ADA, however we will make reasonable efforts to assist in notification. A complete copy of our ADA policy may be found on our website or obtained from our sales team.


Payment Policies

Read completely and fully understand all payment policies prior to making reservations. All policies will be observed in a fair and consistent manner. DEPOSITS: All deposits are due 14 calendar days after a reservation is made, unless the date of the trip is within that time frame, then payment in full is required at time of reservation. Passengers will not receive bills for tours. Forms of accepted payments include check, cash, credit or gift cards. Names of passengers and tour dates should be included when making payment via mail. Receipts will be sent for credit card transactions, receipts for other forms of payment will be sent only upon request.


*If payment is not received within the above described time frame, STL reserves the right to cancel or reassign seating for the tour in question, without notice. We recommend travel insurance to protect your travel dollars.


One-Day Tours

A minimum deposit of $25 per person is required within 14 days of making the reservation. Tours requiring advance (often nonrefundable) admissions will require more of a deposit, that amount will be made known when making the reservation. The balance is due 14 days prior to the departure date.


Overnight and Vacation Tours

A $50 deposit per person for overnight tours and a $100 deposit per person for multiple day tours is required within 14 days of making the reservation. The balance is due 30 days prior to the departure date.



Refund checks may not be issued for cancellations until after the scheduled return date. Refunds will be issued in the same method of payment. For credit card refunds, credit may not appear until a 2nd statement. *If necessary, to cancel a tour including a nonrefundable admission, contact the office for potential assistance, there may be a wait list. The STL tour staff will attempt to resell tickets but cannot accept sole responsibility, if you are able to resell or gift tickets, provide updated passenger contact information.


One-Day (No Admission) 

A full refund will be issued when cancellation is received 15 or more days prior to departure date. 75% refund will be issued when cancellation is received 4-14 days prior to departure. No refund will be issued for cancellation 3 days or less to departure date. Ask about our STOP Plan.


One-Day (Admission) 

Refunds for one day tours including admissions will be based on the attraction cancellation policy. Tours which include show tickets or sporting events may be non-refundable. However, refunds for the transportation portion will be the same as listed above. Ask about our STOP Plan.


Overnight and Vacation Tours

Refunds will be based on admission or hotel policies when cancellation is received 31 or more days prior to tour departure date. 75% of the transportation will be issued when cancellation is received 4-14 days prior to departure. No refund will be issued for cancellation 3 days or less to departure date. Travel insurance is suggested for all tours.



Travel insurance is suggested for all tours. Depending on your itinerary, Travel Insurance or the STOP Plan (for 1-day tours only) options designed to help protect your travel dollars and provide peace of mind when making a reservation far in advance. In the event something unforeseen happens at the last minute you may cancel and receive full credit (minus protection plan.) The STOP Plan goes into effect when the trip becomes nonrefundable, (3 days prior to departure). Passengers will be refunded full purchase price of the tour (minus STOP Plan). 


The STOP Plan must be purchased when making a deposit for the scheduled tour. (Initial deposit must include deposit plus plan payment). Passengers requesting the STOP Plan must be identified and once purchased is nonrefundable or transferable to another person or tour.  The fees vary per tour and will be quoted to you at the time of reservation. If you choose not to purchase the STOP Plan, then normal policies for cancellation will apply, refer to the cancellation policies listed above.


If additional items are added to a reservation after the initial deposit, STL reserves the right to adjust the rate of the plan, (based on trip pricing). If STL cancels a tour, then both purchase price of tour and STOP Plan will be refunded.


 Motorcoach Etiquette



Each passenger may carry 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on bag for overnight tours. Weight should not exceed 50 pounds and combined length; width and height should not exceed 62 inches.


Passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.



STL is responsible only for hotel charges related to the room, tax and baggage handling. Incidentals include movies, room service, beverage services, etc. “Incidentals” should be paid by the individual at the desk prior to departure.



Due to Federal regulations, smoking is NOT permitted on motorcoaches. Periodic stops may be made to accommodate smokers.



Large coolers will be stowed in the luggage compartment and small coolers must be stored under the seat.  


Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the passenger area of the motorcoach on company tours.  Coolers may be transported in the luggage compartment for later consumption.



A motorcoach is a confined area, and some passengers suffer from a variety of allergies. To permit all passengers to enjoy their ride we respectfully request passengers refrain from wearing fragrances.


Cell Phones

It may be necessary for passengers to take or make calls while on board the motorcoach. Be considerate of fellow passengers, keep calls short while on board and control the volume.  Speaker phone should not be used. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Objectionable Persons

STL reserves the right for employees to remove from any tour, any passenger who is acting in a disruptive, reckless, offensive or abusive manner. Such passengers, who are posing a safety hazard to themselves, other passengers, or to the tour, and refuse to comply with laws or company regulations will be left in a public area with access to a telephone and shelter. Such passengers will not be eligible for any refund.



Escorts are company personnel provided to assist in the comfort and enjoyment of passengers while on board the motorcoach. Escorts are not tour guides, although they may be familiar with areas and share information; that is not their primary function. Responsibilities include assisting the driver, addressing passenger needs and working with vendors/attractions. Additionally, they promote upcoming tours and enforce company policy.


Inclement Weather

In all seasons, weather can impact planned tours. In winter, tours will depart as scheduled unless otherwise advised by the State Police. In summer, tours will depart as scheduled, rain or shine, unless notification of a cancellation of the scheduled event. STL is not responsible for lack of notification of cancellation on the part of a vendor or attraction prior to scheduled departure.  We reserve the right to alter itineraries due to weather conditions.  Consider cancellation insurance to protect your money from weather cancellation. Restrictions may apply.


Lost Items

Susquehanna Trailways is not responsible for any personal property, which is left, lost, stolen or damaged on the motorcoach. Double-check all items each time you disembark the motorcoach. If an item is left behind, call or email with a description of the item, the date, the motorcoach number or driver’s name and approximate location where it was last seen. Every effort will be made to locate the property. Email: lost&


Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available from STL and may be purchased in any desired amount. Gift cards are great for any occasion. Gift cards are specified for STL tours only, however if designated at time of purchase, may be redeemed for use with a specified charter group. These cards have no cash value and are nonrefundable.


Vacation Discount

A 10% discount will be offered on all vacation tours (3 days or longer not including the fly-drive offerings) paid in full by check or cash (no credit card payments) prior to March 31.