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Dear Friends and Valued Customers,


Happy New Year, 2024 is upon us and we are ready for the start of another year.  It seems every year, time moves faster than ever before.  Also, seems like yesterday, last year's book just went to the printer.


Get comfy, grab a beverage of choice and settle in to see what our website has to offer for the upcoming year.  What you will find are our efforts to show you, our tour family, that we are here to help you ESCAPE!  There are a variety of options from which to choose.  Look and make "that bucket list" of tours you would like to take.  Remember, the "Do As You Please" options are there to get you to those destinations listed and one you arrive, you can "do as you please" and return at the end of day.  Choose from the suggestions listed or do as you please!  Call with questions or to make a reservation.


We continue to offer opportunities to ESCAPE.  The travel industry continues its comeback.  Rebuilding and expansion are creating a new demand and resurgence for travel.  Costs of everything are on the rise and this industry impacted by fuel, insurance and human resources is no different.  We continue to do everything possible to control costs while continuing to offer the best value and opportunities for your travel experience.  We are hopeful we have found that sweet spot to permit us to continue to build our ridership.  Last year, we had cancellations, but far fewer than the year before, and many successful tours and happy passengers.  We certainly appreciated your understanding when the calls came through to cancel, and believe this year will be better than last.


Call early, once tours are posted, they are available for sale!  Expanded use of the internet, email and social media continue to assist us in getting the word out for new offerings.  AS tours are added, they will be publicized via our website, email, newspaper and facebook page.  Check frequently to stay current and follow us on facebook.  Share photos of your experiences, we enjoy seeing the bus in them.  Share ideas for tours you believe others would enjoy.  We welcome suggestions for new inclusions.  As always, we value your patronage, and hope you find tours of interest.


The world continues to change, but travel is still the ultimate freedom.  ESCAPE - Get out, create new memories with loved ones, friends or family as you are able, and enjoy this great country.


Happy New Year and hope to see you soon!




Your Friendly Tour Staff!